Information Exposing Vaccine Fraud And Facts For Your Benefit

Information Exposing Vaccine Fraud And Facts For Your Benefit

Eradicating an active virus by producing a vaccine was first accomplished in 1796 England by Edward Jenner to protect people from getting infected with smallpox. Later in 1885 Louis Pasteur invented the first vaccine for rabies. Next in the 1950's and 1960's Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin both invented vaccines to eradicate Polio. In the same time period and forward on the vaccine industry started its forward momentum producing vaccines for controlling the spread of different dangerous virus strains of Measles, Mumps, German Measles, Chicken Pox, Diphtheria, Hepatitis A&B, Influenza (FLU), Meningitis, Pertussis (WHOOPING COUGH), Rotavirus, Tetanus, Human Papillomavirus and others!

Some of these vaccines are made with small amounts of live virus and bacteria cells and others with dead virus and bacteria cells. Many vaccines include human placenta and parts of fetus embryo's and cells from both humans and other animals that include monkeys, dogs, guinea pigs, chickens and cattle. Testing these vaccines on humans when they were first being developed often had horrible results making many of the test subjects extremely sick and permanently disabled while often causing tremendous pain, disfigurement and death for many of the test subjects that were often picked from prisons and poor ghetto areas.

The truth is that after many years of painful research and development many of these vaccines now really do work and they have saved millions of people from sickness, disease and death. However there are still tremendous problems producing vaccines mostly for viruses that quickly mutate to the point where the success rate is all to often greatly diminished. Flu viruses are in this category because of all of the different flu strains that are often mutating which in turn are causing even the newest vaccines to often be ineffective to a large degree. A big problem is the ineffective or more dangerous vaccines are not properly explained and actively made clear to the public by way of the media to stay away from and they are still being pushed by millions of dollars of advertising money for the people to grab onto for their perceived protection! This is where the huge problems are and what we feel are the reasons why will be explained next.

The Huge Reason For Vaccine Problems! Follow The Money!

Every year many billions of dollars are being paid to and being made by Big Pharma companies to produce vaccines that are supposed to be effective and safe for people to take! The United States government also pay Big Pharma companies huge amounts of money in the billions of dollars each year to develop and manufacture these vaccines and there is a non stop race by Big Pharma companies to win these government contracts. We have found in our research that a stipulation to get and maintain these government contracts are that the vaccines must be at least 95 percent effective and safe for all humans when taken. I am amazed by what I see in the news media including From Dr Sanjay Gupta himself (Who I Personally Have Trusted) on CNN news network when they are blatantly saying that vaccines are totally safe and that mercury products used as preservatives are no longer used in vaccines and have not been used in vaccines for years while also saying that there is absolutely no connection to autism or related diseases to vaccines. This NO mercury in vaccines statement is totally false because all of the vaccines that still actively contain Thimerosal mercury are clearly shown and up to date on the CDC's own website under the title of Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary. Hey Sanjay! We counted 8 different vaccines that presently contain Thimerosal mercury! What are you going to do for your many followers to correct these repetitive false statements?

To make it easy here is a list of the eight vaccines we found that presently as of 2015 contain thimerosal mercury preservatives in them! When we called both the CDC and the FDA we were told that there were not any known plans to remove the mercury from the vaccines listed below!

DT (Sanofi)
Influenza (Afluria)
Influenza (Fluvirin)
Influenza (Flulaval)
Influenza (Fluzone:Standard, High Dose, & Intradermal)
Meningococcal (MPSV4-Menomune)
Td (Decavac)
Td (Mass Biologics)

Hearing this false information from CNN and other news media stations was disheartening because there is easy to find quality information all over the internet (Including Live U-Tube Video's) showing embarrassed and upset employees from both Big Pharma Companies and from the CDC itself that have come forward stating that vaccine studies test results were intentionally flawed and conclusive test data had been fraudulently manipulated and changed while omitting important information to hide the real results that showed that mumps and measles vaccines including the MMR vaccine that is short for Measles, Mumps and Rubella proved huge increases in Autism and other data showing that many vaccines included mercury preservatives going by the names Thimerosal, Thermisol and Thiomersal and other preservatives that often created toxic reactions.

Some vaccines are being reported to cause people to actually contract strains of measles and flu viruses from the flawed vaccines themselves. These whistle blowers said that they were told to keep quiet in order to keep the vaccine contracts and huge amounts of money coming in and to keep their jobs secure! What a way to make the big money with large bonuses!

Below is a list of adverse reactions that have been reported during The MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) human clinical trials. It makes us wonder about what other adverse reactions may have not been reported in order to get government funding!


• Panniculitis (inflammation of the subcutaneous fat layer below the skin)
• Atypical measles (yes, the MMR vaccine can cause and spread non-wild-type measles)
• Vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels)
• Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas)
• Diabetes mellitus
• Thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count)
• Anaphylaxis (whole-body allergic reaction)
• Arthritis
• Encephalitis (inflammation and swelling of the brain)
• Febrile convulsions
• Aseptic meningitis
• Pneumonia
• Retinitis (inflammation of the retina of the eye)
• Epididymitis (inflammation of the coiled tube at the back of the testicle that stores and carries sperm)
• Death


Want more proof of adverse reactions to vaccines? Click here to see for yourself and view MERCK's actual MMR II package insert for yourself under the section labeled "Adverse Reactions" on page 6-8

Why doesn't CNN and the rest of the mainstream news media call in these whistleblowers and or the professional media interviewers that worked with them to interview the proper people involved so news viewers can get a better feel for the actual truth so they can have the information they deserve to make the right choice when getting or not getting vaccinations for their families!

Some of these whistle blowers include an actual PHD MMR-Autism researcher at the CDC (Center For Disease Control). His name is Dr William (Bill) Thompson who provided the documents and information showing the exposure of scientific fraud by the CDC to cover up the truth about the MMR vaccine Autism connection that has gone on for many years. One of the interviewers that Dr William Thompson spilled the information to is Dr Brian Hooker and another professional interviewer who's name is Jon Rappoport. Lets have CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC NEWS Interview these people!

Watch This YouTube Video Below Of Dr William Thompson Of The
CDC Interviewing And Spilling His Guts Out To Dr Brian Hooker

Another set of Whistleblowers that CNN and other news stations should interview are researchers right out of Big Pharma that worked for and is now suing MERCK And Company for fraud and damages while producing and distributing the Mumps and MMR (Measles, Mumps And Rubella) and the MMR2 vaccine to babies and children.

The Whistleblowers names are Stephen A Krahling and Joan A Wlochowski and they are suing MERCK for falsifying lab tests to show that the vaccines could maintain a 95 percent efficiency rate in order to maintain its exclusive license to manufacture and sell its MMR2 vaccine for HUGE profits when in fact the efficiency rate was much lower and could not hold up to the required 95 per cent ! This fraud of falsifying the test efficiency records was also done to gain FDA approval of its ProQuad vaccine to make even more Big Pharma Money!

Click Here To Read The Actual Vaccine Fraud Lawsuit Against MERCK Document!

Folks this information is not hard to find in order to see the full picture about how huge the fraud has been and still is going down in the vaccine industry and what tremendous damage, pain, suffering and death it is causing to many thousands of people that continue to be told that the vaccines are all safe and you need to take them as prescribed to baby's, young children and to pregnant women! It's no wonder that so many people are now refusing to take these vaccines because they have lost trust in the entire pharmaceutical industry and in our own Government that includes the CDC that is supposed to be keeping us all safe while protecting us from this very kind of corruption that they are said to be a part of!

The worry and fear is that the Federal Government will soon force everyone to take these vaccines like it or not! This is not in the people's best interests!

The Answer

What should be happening is a 100 percent transparent federal investigation and exposure of this fraud so the public can see and learn via the mainstream media that includes all of the most popular news stations so they can report exactly what has happened and how the vaccine industry is going to be changed as it goes down in an honest positive and safeguarded manor along with proper professional watchdog groups that can make sure that this fraud can no long take place and will never happen again!

After this happens it is our hope that the Big Pharma vaccine industry can then focus on improving the ongoing problems with these vaccines to make them safer and better then before while reporting any and all problems that occur with full transparency while new vaccines are being developed, tested and put to the good use that they are being produced for!

We the people need to be proactive to force positive changes for the vaccine industry to protect the public from any related fraud and its consequences! Organize and (Legally) protest in public! Write the President Of The United States, your congressmen, congresswomen and other important elected officials and demand a needed investigation with a new direction for all that are involved in the testing ,manufacturing and distribution of vaccines so the public can begin to trust this industry as it should be!

Click Here to sign the vaccine medical choice petition to save and protect your human rights

Please know that this website is not meant to be totally anti vaccine! Even though we are more so on the anti vaccine side because of the valid reasons explained in this website, we acknowledge that when proper laws and ethical procedures are properly laid out and executed, vaccines can be wonderful to prevent certain disease's and extend life!

To better reach these goals we believe that proactive Federal investigations, new laws and regulations must be put into action to protect the people of our country and planet from any future greed producing fraud that will cause the manufacturing and distribution of substandard vaccines that may not protect us properly and could cause unnecessary debilitating health damage!

URGENT NOTE: It is important to know that mercury and other heavy metals are accumulative in the body! It takes a proper and safe detox protocol to remove these toxins that can cause poor health and disease anytime throughout our lives. The older we get the better chance that built up mercury and heavy metals will be a factor for future health problems due to repetitive exposures! It is a good idea to do a detox to remove these contaminants for a healthier body and a better life. Please read about safely detoxing mercury and heavy metals from the body within this website!




Disclaimer--The information in this website is brought to you from many hours of painstaking research. Since some of this research includes active lawsuits and information from different resources we cannot be sure that all of the information in this website is 100 percent accurate. However we feel that this information presented to you is accurate and honest.




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