True Unfortunate Facts About The Two Faced Vaccine Industry

Here is one side of the face----People have to be aware, pay attention and learn to accept how amazingly corrupt the vaccine industry really truly is and It is very important to know who is involved and why this corruption is taking place! The main reason is very sad because this corruption is because of the big money available to the right people that are non caring and greedy enough to take money and deals from the pharmaceutical industry to the point of blatantly lying for them to keep those vaccines coming even though the people involved are well aware that these vaccines sometimes create and cause horrible reactions that sicken, disfigure, disable and kill babies, young children and adults!

The chain of bought and paid for people is a long and twisted mess that should never be allowed to happen, yet it is happening and it continues as a Tsunami of vaccine corruption laying waste to the growing amount of human lives that are unfortunately suffering in many ways due to the debilitating reactions they are forced to deal with due to the vaccines that have been injected into them.

This has been going on for many years and finally Big Pharma and CDC United States Government whistleblowers are emerging from the shadows to tell the truth because they can no longer sleep at night due to the guilt they hold within themselves! Some of these whistleblowers are coming forward to litigate those involved and to tell the world about what kind of fraud and lies they have told to go along with to protect the negative true facts centered within the vaccine industry!

People involved are Big Pharma employees and scientists that create and test the vaccines on both animals and people that know what the reactions are before their vaccines are advertised as safe, and then pushed to the United States Government that pay them billions of dollars each year for each one of these vaccines that are supposed to be at least 95 percent effective but are often far less effective then what they are advertised to be!

The Big Pharma Drug Reps that wine and dine physicians and drug store's entire offices in order to have then push and inject their patients with their vaccines while telling them how safe they are!

Big Pharma is paying off The big media companies by way of millions of dollars of drug related commercials and advertising that include all of the major news broadcast channels that people totally trust while they blatantly announce to millions of watchers that vaccines are 100 percent safe and there is absolutely no mercury or harmful ingredients in vaccines to cause any of the reactions including the growing cases of Autism and related afflictions that are being reported soon after taking vaccines!

Here is the other side of the face----It is important to know that our own United Sates Government is pushing how safe vaccines are while not disclosing with obligated transparency to the people that these same vaccines are indeed harming many babies, children and adults!

However the United States Government also has a hush hush unadvertised vaccine court that has paid out billions of dollars to families with children and to some adults that have been severely injured by these same advertised as safe vaccines. Vaccine court is brought to us by Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) For the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). In order to win a settlement in vaccine court you must have an attorney that is well versed in how to obtain a settlement for you. Don't go into this litigation to sue the Government and this fund by yourself!

Guess who's paying for these billions of dollars in paid out rewards to take care of children, some adults and to the families that must now take care of those that have been injured and severely damaged because of vaccines for the rest of their lives? We the tax payers are paying for these damages that are indeed occurring and ruining so many peoples lives when our own Federal Government should be protecting us and at least informing us about the real and possible consequences and hazards of taking these dangerous vaccines! Because of these facts something is very wrong here that must be investigated by a professional group of experts that are actually honest and care about doing the absolute right thing to protect our citizens.

Here are three more facts. Each single dose of vaccine is being taxed .75 cents to the people purchasing them to go towards vaccine court payouts. Big Pharma pays nothing to vaccine court even though the people suffering is coming from the vaccines they are producing while making billions and billions of dollars from these vaccines each and every year.

This is important! If vaccines have caused your child or children to contract Autism, vaccine court will not admit that vaccines cause autism and they will pay you a ZERO settlement if you go into this litigation and use the word Autism! However if you say that your child has Encephalopathy which is a broad name for brain damage, you will have a better chance of receiving a settlement. Below is a video and links related to vaccine court for you to read and learn from.

The Vaccine Injury Table

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